How To Make Some Easy Pocket Money This Holiday

When school lets out for the holidays your first thought is to make plans with friends. You finally have the freedom to spend time outdoors, have sleepovers, go camping or even just catch the latest movie in town! A week into holiday plans like these and you might suddenly find that you’re running through your pocket money faster than expected. Or perhaps you’re saving up for a new bike or for sleepaway camp? Well, not to worry! We’ve got some suggestions!

Baby Sitting
Baby sitting is an easy and often fun way to earn some pocket money during school holidays. Ask around from family and friends with young children and see if they need a baby sitter. You may need to volunteer your services the first few times but in return they will be sure to recommend you to friends and neighbours and you’ll soon find yourself with a steady source of pocket money. All the job requires is that you like children and don’t mind playing with them or watching them for a few hours a week.

Set Up Your Own Business
Maybe babysitting isn’t your thing. Do you draw or like photography? You could set up an arts and crafts stall or make cards for special occasions and sell them! Or if you like taking pictures, then you could offer event photographer Melbourne for events in your neighbourhood! All you would need is a camera and a great attitude.

Perhaps a neighbour or family member would like to take a family picture and you could offer them a dj hire Melbourne. Take along a few props like silly hats and funny glasses and you’ll soon have plenty of requests to act as official family photographer for your friends and family.

Offer to do Chores in Exchange for Payment
We don’t intend that you ask your parents to pay you for making your bed, but you could offer to mow your neighbour’s lawns, or wash their cars in exchange for a pocket money. People are often busy and have no time to hire dj for hire melbourne but may be more than willing to take you up on your offer. Alternatively, you could offer to walk their dogs while they are at work, a job that will both be fun and rewarding!

Whichever job you might choose to consider, remember you are on holiday so choose something you enjoy doing! Most importantly look for opportunities to get outdoors and make new friends – you are on holiday after all!